There is nothing I fear as a photographer more than losing the photographs I have just taken. How many backups do I need to make to ensure that doesn't happen?  Trick question, there is no right answer.  It's impossible to prevent every failure scenario, but my current answer is at least NINE copies.

While that may seem borderline neurotic, know that it still isn’t foolproof (100% certainty is impossible).

It all starts as soon as I take a photograph.

Copies One/Two

My cameras have dual memory card slots, every image is written to both memory cards. 

(review as a backup)

Copies Three/Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight

As soon as I get to a computer, the copies spread like a (good) virus.

 • My computer (review as a backup)
 • A NAS (review as a backup)
 • Google Drive (review as a backup)
 • Microsoft OneDrive (review as a backup)
 • Backblaze B2 (review as a backup)
 • AWS Glacier Copy (review as a backup)


My website (review as a backup)

Optional additional copies

Posts on social media, or other websites.

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