About - Daniel Price

Getting started

It's my dad's fault for me being a photographer.  He's an architect, and for many years I wanted to follow in his footsteps.  He took me along to side jobs, measuring houses for additions and then I would put the measurements into AutoCAD (my dad is probably the only practicing architect who doesn't use some sort of CAD program).  I then started turning those 2D plans into 3D, but I had a problem at the time.  Finding patterns/textures for siding, brick, etc was absurdly expensive.  I decided I would just create my own with the power of Photoshop and a 1 megapixel HP C200 (an absolutely terrible camera).

At the same time, I found myself incredibly interested in the software I was using to create 3D models (Rhino 3D) and started programming. Just ignore the fact that the "programming" was doing my math homework for me.


Located in Richmond, VA. I combine the beauty of art and architecture with technology. It starts with high quality tools (cameras, lenses, drones) and then leverages software to take them to the next level.  This includes:

 - HDR (high dynamic range to capture more detail)
 - Focus stacking (so more of the photo is in focus)
 - Exposure blending (particularly powerful for twilight hero photographs)
 - The usual cloning/retouching power of Photoshop

Time is limited, so I wrote software to forecast when the weather will be best for architectural photography.  This allows me to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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